Your Neighborhood Jeweler


     Ripon Jeweler's is one of the most unique jewelry stores in Ripon  from its wide variety of services to it's friendly customer service. It  is owned by Becky and Yale Kahan, two of Ripon's highly involved  community members. Becky worked as a jeweler for another company for  fifteen years. She specializes in custom design and enjoys turning  customer's old jewelry in to something new. Yale has worked in the  automotive industry for over thirty years and has been a part of the  actors Guild for over twenty years. He has been a Rotary member for a  year and at TGR International Holding for four years. 


Quality and Service Guaranteed

   The store has a warm, familiar family vibe  that is welcoming to the elderly as well as to the younger adults. We  at Ripon Jewelers care most about keeping the store long term and giving  back to the community of Ripon. Each month without fail, we pick a  variety of charities or local organizations to donate to or sponsor in  order to do our part in giving back. Some organizations that have been  previously donated to were Pay It Forward and local cancer fighters and  survivors. We genuinely care about the people of Ripon and spend most of  our time volunteering and giving back. Shopping with us is more than  just a purchase or repair. Buying jewelry is about trust. We are here  for you and will serve you beyond what a corporate business would.